How to organize your home studio using 3 basic principles.

Ways to help you organize your at home studio to be practical and functional. We organize our studio with 3 main principles. Color, Size, Weight. Starting with what makes the most sense to you depending on how you design/sew. For this article, it is most simple to start with the size of your fabrics, then the weights, then the colors. First, take all of your fabrics and separate them by size/amount. Make 3 piles. The first pile should be all fabrics with under a metre left. The second pile should be fabrics with under 2 metres left, but larger than a metre. The final pile should be fabrics that are larger than 2 metres. Second, choose one of your piles and...

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What's in a name? The "Michelle-Rober" Story

Ever wonder how we came up with the name Michelle-Rober when the designers names are actually Cindy MacNeil and Robbie McGee? This is the story of how our name came to be. It starts like a lot of great stories, one night we were downtown...

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