What's in a name? The "Michelle-Rober" Story

It all started on a super fun August evening at our dear friend Michelle's birthday party.

While partying downtown for her birthday, we all got dancing and it was getting hot! So naturally, Michelle was too hot in her little black kimono style throw with large pink/reddish colour flowers and gave it to Robbie to wear. Robbie, who after a few drinks, is called Rober, put it on with great pride and proceeded to dance with everyone in the bar. It was so much fun, he was soaked with sweat and this guy outside kept offering money to Robbie for this kimono, starting at $30 bucks and going up to $500 cash in his hand. Robbie said no because it wasn't his to sell. He then went into the bar where he told Michelle the story of what he had been offered for her kimono, to this Michelle replied, "Well why are you still wearing it?!"

Later that evening it was Robbie, Dave, and I left out and we all got talking about how everyone loved the cape. Robbie wondered why they didn't make these things for guys and immediately said we should have a photoshoot! So I followed Robbie and Dave around our city snapping photos while they pretended to be Jean Claude Vandamme, Rocky, and all the models they could think of until 4 am. It was a crazy night.

After that, Robbie was inspired to draft a muslin of a cape for a man, that is where the super sexy "Suit Cape" was born. The very first one was made of stretch denim in slate grey and tailored to fit Robbie. Robbie then drafted up two more, that are known today as the sport cape, and the checkmate flowy cape.

Next, We decided to take a trip to Las Vegas with two of our favourite couples, Marsha and Brother, and Ryan and Michelle (yes the one from the birthday). For this trip, Robbie packed his 3 capes thinking it would be a great place to try them out, and also to take some great photos. Turns out he was so right! Everywhere we went people were stopping him and asking him where he got his cape! When he told them he made it, they were always floored and asking where they could buy one! We would just give them our social media info since we hadn't started this up as anything yet.

That night we headed out to Hakkasan night club at MGM Grand to see Calvin Harris play live. We arrived and got in line, then the bouncer looked at Robbie, put his hand up and motioned his fingers for Robbie to come here. Kind of like how a martial artist will challenge someone to fight, arm extended toward the person you wish to challenge, palm face up, then bring all four fingers toward yourself as you command the person to come here. Robbie looks and walks over to the bouncer. This guy was dressed up in a full suit, all manicured right and nice, looking good! He says to Robbie, as he touched his shoulder, "Is this a cape? Where did you get this? I need one of these." Robbie tells the guy that he made it and the guy was so impressed he let Robbie and our whole party into the club past the line.

We liked it. We liked it a lot.

So we took more photos, got lots of good looks and interest and came back to Nova Scotia on a mission to see what we could do.

We started looking into the local fashion community and saw that Atlantic Fashion Week was coming up so we invested in full passes for the week to attend AFW in October 2017. We went to our first runway shows with Michelle, Ryan, and Chris Martin.

There we met some talented, creative, and cool people. They believed in our vision and encouraged us to meet up with some people, one being Jody Euloth, fashion guru, one of the head creatives behind AFW, and the brilliant mind behind Mesh Media here in Halifax. Jody was really encouraging us to go Fashion Week, so we did our best to make what we needed, finish an entire line, and the very next year, October 2018, we applied and were accepted to actually be in Atlantic Fashion Week doing our very FIRST EVER runway show! 

Now you know...the rest of the story.

Be confident, be kind, be you!





  • Marsha MacNeil

    Beautiful, amazing story. You are two ambitious, hard working people!! Congrats and best of luck with your endeavours!!
    PS… was excited to see our names mentioned in your story. Xoxoxo

  • Robert McGee


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