Why care? A little lesson in being you.

Hello lovers of fashion, life, and fun!

Our first official blog post and we wanted it to count, soooo we are going to talk about why we should all care about each other.

We are firm believers in energy and Karma (if you will). We believe if you put kindness and love into the world, you will get kindness and love back...10 fold! It is so easy to be kind, to feel love and compassion for one another. One thing we try is to always think of yourself in the other person's shoes. If you are dealing with a difficult customer, for example, it is possible they just had a really bad day/week/month, you never know what other people are going through. We all have bad days, good days, and every kind of day in between! Try leading with kindness no matter the sitaution and you will find the road that opens to you to be so beautiful.

After all, it's about YOU, not THEM! How you act can never lead you to regret if you are always true to yourself and your heart is pure. Example, if you are super kind to someone and give them your time, energy, or even something of value (money, gift, etc), they accept the token, and then they do not thank you, or help you when you are in need...that is ok because that is about THEM not YOU. You were kind, you did it because YOU are a good person, so no matter how THEY act, it does not reflect YOU. Only YOUR actions reflect you. So no matter how THEY act, you still have to be YOU! Always be proud of your decisions and do things because YOU want to, and expect nothing in return. If you live this way, you will find so much more joy and peace in your life.

When one person rises, we all rise. There is room at the top for everyone. It might not seem like it, but it is true! The helpful will be helped. Get a group that loves what you do, be around them as often as possible to help you feel the confidence you need in the world! When you climb to the top remember to reach down to help others climb up as well. We will rise TOGETHER! We always have time to talk to budding designers, business owners, creatives! We are all in this world together and love will always win, so choose love.

Be you, be amazing!




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